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For bolted agitators, re-installation is usually quite simple. Place the agitator back in the wash compartment, replace the bolt or screw, re-tighten it, and replace the agitator cap.

At this point, your maintenance is complete! Plug your washing machine back in and test the function of your agitator to ensure it's working properly. Method 2 of Open the wash compartment. Many older models of GE washing machines specifically those made before have agitators that aren't secured in place with a bolt.

In this case, see the section on "stuck" agitators below. Before beginning, for your safety, be sure to unplug the machine as above. Pull directly up on the agitator. Brace yourself firmly against the washing machine and pull directly upward on the agitator. With some force, the agitator should come off of its mounting, exposing the drive shaft underneath. Avoid twisting or jerking the agitator from side to side. Don't hurt yourself by straining too hard to remove the agitator.

See below for more information on how to handle a stuck agitator. If you're having trouble, you may also want to consult GE's online database of product manuals for more information.

Take the opportunity to lubricate the shaft. Older models of washing machines usually have a metal shaft under the agitator that requires occasional lubrication to keep the motion of the agitator smooth.

As long as your have access to the shaft, ensure it stays in good working order by using a small amount of petroleum jelly often called Agitator the brand name Vaseline to lubricate it. For most models of washers, lubrication is recommended twice each year.

If the agitator won't come off, call a repairman. The agitators in many models of washing machine particularly more recent ones aren't designed to be removed normally — instead, they require special tools or techniques that only trained service people have access to.

In these cases, you may not be able to remove the agitator even if there is no obvious bolt holding it in place, so your only option is to enlist the help of a mechanic. GE's customer service line is available at Service appointments can also be scheduled online via the support section of the official GE website.

Method 3 of Ensure that the agitator isn't bolted down. Over many years of use, water, soap, and other washing chemicals can sometimes harden around the base of the agitator, essentially "freezing" it in place and making it very tricky to remove if not impossible. Howeverif this method is used to "force" an agitator that is bolted or otherwise fastened in place, it can break the agitator and even cause damage to the inner machinery of the washing machine.

For this reason, it's extremely important to ensure that the agitator is not bolted down before attempting this method. Remove any bolts holding it in place as directed above and ensure that the agitator for your model of washer can be safely removed before beginning. If in doubt, contact a mechanic — the price of a repair is usually minor compared to the price of replacing a broken machine. Cover the bottom half of the agitator with hot water. To begin, fill the washing compartment with about six inches or so of hot water — enough to completely cover the bottom of the agitator.

This will help loosen any built-up soap and chemicals, making removal slightly easier. To be clear, you don't want to start a wash cycle with hot water. You only want to add hot water to the washing compartment. Attempting maintenance on your washing machine while it's "on" is always an unwise idea. Fasten a loop of strong rope around the agitator. Grab a strong piece of rope about five feet one and a half meters long. Fold it over on itself at its midway point and loop it through itself to fasten it between the fins on the agitator neck.

Give it a firm upward yank to tighten it and ensure it's secure. In a pinch, you can also use an old dryer belt for this task. Position a sturdy 2x4 under the rope. Grab a 2x4 plank about five feet long. Loop the ends of the rope over the 2x4 and tie them securely in place around the wood so that they won't slip. To protect the finish on the edge of your washer from the pressure of the 2x4 in the next step, put a folded towel underneath it.

Use the 2x4 as a lever to pull the agitator off. Start putting firm pressure on the end of the piece of wood outside the washer. This will raise the end over the agitator, pulling it directly upward. Gradually increase the downward pressure on the lever until you are able to lift the agitator out.

Beware — Agitator can require quite a bit of force, especially if your agitator hasn't been removed in years. If you can't remove your agitator this way, call a mechanic. Using extreme amounts of pressure to push down on your lever is a sure-fire way to injure yourself, Agitator your washer or both, so play it safe.

Is the cap under the fabric softener glued in? Is the agitator bolted down or can the agitator be pulled off? The cap on top has to come off. Inside is a nut which you will have to remove to pull off the agitator. Not Helpful 23 Helpful 9. Yes, it's a GE. You'll need to get the bolt out to remove anything from the top side.

Not Helpful 10 Helpful 4. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. I don't want to use too much force and risk breaking parts. What can I do? Use a ratchet with an extender to unscrew and remove it. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 4. If the agitator won't spin, then your motor to transmission coupling is probably broken and needs to be replaced. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

What do I Agitator if the agitator broke off at the base? Should I buy a new part or have it repaired? Which option is cheaper? You should probably have it replaced. It's time for a new washer. Yours will need a new drum if it's leaking. People try to replace a seal and just find the leak is back a few months later. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. How do I know if my GE washer agitator is bolted down? How do I remove the agitator in my GE washer?

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    The police arrested several anti-government agitators. a political agitator who led an unsuccessful revolt against the government Recent Examples on the Web Who, David Remnick asks, is the true agitator .
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    noun a person who stirs up others in order to upset the status quo and further a political, social, or other cause: The boss said he would fire any union agitators. a machine or device for agitating and mixing.
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    Define agitator. agitator synonyms, agitator pronunciation, agitator translation, English dictionary definition of agitator. n. 1. One who agitates, especially one who engages in political agitation. 2. An apparatus that shakes or stirs, as in a washing machine. American Heritage®.
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    Get free shipping on qualified GE Agitator Top Load Washers or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Appliances department.
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    You'd never dream that he was an agitator or that he'd want to lead a rebellion. He understands the Irish agitator, but the English Separatist beats him. Since he was a boy firing a locomotive engine, he has been an agitator. This is hardly the tone of the agitator as known to us to-day.
  6. Zulugami   Vijin
    Jun 23,  · A washer that contains an agitator, initially referred to as a traditional washer, can consume a lot of water, which might not be suited to those who are concerned about their energy and water consumption. Often, they require up to 5 times the amount of water to supplement the aggressive washing and the type of linen that they handle.
  7. Fesida   Brasho
    Agitators are tall vertical spindles, vaned or finned, in the center of the washer. Washers with agitators are all about the motion in the wash basket; and, despite what you may have heard, advances in agitator technology ensure they’re not hard on clothes. They typically move in multiple ways for optimal cleaning, including.
  8. Arataur   Vudozahn
    agitator definition: 1. someone who tries to make people take part in protests and political activities, especially ones. Learn more.

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