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Dreamside Dominions - Various - Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Dreamside Dominions - Various - Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal (CD)
Label: Editions Freeway - RS-EBM01 • Format: CD Compilation, Promo, Sampler • Country: Spain • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal, Death Metal

Outro De seguida um split com os Rosetta e os East of the Wall. Ler Aproveitei e escolhi uma imagem especial da autoria de Siro Anton. Siro Anton. Sente-se o contraste entre escuro e o claro. Eis a tracklist: 01 - Con sangre de quien te ofenda 02 - Mesto, rigido e ceremoniale 03 - Solemne triduo 04 - Amancer en puerta oscura 05 - Puerta osario 06 — Templos 07 — Parte II Apogeum Que discazo!!! Todos os discos podem ser escutados e descarregados gratuitamente.

Soltam-se tons graves lentos e as vozes ecoam os lamentos de um qualquer ritual tibetano. Ler aqui. Vintersorg - Solens Rotter [] Gosto mais deste s Vintersorg. Descobri isso tarde, mas ainda descobri a tempo. This will also enable me to engage with the issues and arguments related to fanzines that that are covered in these pieces of writing. The third chapter will deal with the way in which I conduct my research and how I intend to analyse fanzines as both publications and cultural products.

The chapter following that will look at the history of fanzines and the 'fanzine culture' that they have created. Chapter five will look at the more technical aspects of the production, distribution and promotion of fanzines; how they are producedand how they reach their audience. Following that, I will look at the development of fanzines on the Internet and the changes that the electronic media might bring.

Finally, I will state my conclusions. Bracara Extreme Fest Muito 80s macho Mais Justin K Broadrick. Arthur Magazine. Sono Eterno. Ataraxia - "Kremasta Nera".

Control a 11 de Outubro. Concertos O Mouco. Southern Lord rocks!!! Bracara: contagem decrescente. Foi assim. Blonde Redhead na primeira parte de Interpol. Poster Art. Stock car racing's status as the fastest- growing sport in the U. Its fast-paced action, the ever-present element of danger, and an exceptionally fan-friendly atmosphere, topped off by accessible local heroes, make the sport a real crowd-pleaser.

This tape covers several big races, including the Winston Cup circuit and Talledega Superspecdway. It brings the action home with interviews with fans, as well as with past and current drivers, including the red-hot Jeff Gordon and Dale Jarrett. Perhaps due to its nontra- ditional subject matter, this title is shorter in length and less expensive than National Geographic's usual yel- low-bordered releases.

Each video looks at a different issue fac- ing the earth and its inhabitants. Scientif- ic, socioeconomic, and historical view- points are exemplified through a marvelous collection of film footage. The first episode, "Rivers Of Destiny,'' ex- plores the threat that industrialization and other human activity is posing to the world's great river systems.

Jennifer Lien Sony Pictures Classics, in limited release Music has long been a source of rebellion, and in the '80s teenagers plugged into punk rock for a fix of anarchy and anti-establishment values. But if you lived in ultraconservative Salt Lake City, being a punk rocker took some work. Armed with the prerequisite look of thrift store clothes and multicolored Mohawk hairdos, Stevo Matthew Lillard and his pal Bob Michael Goorjian are aimless after graduating from high school.

They live in what looks like an abandoned loft and are constantly nursing hang- overs from last night's party binge. Stevo has an equally aim- less punk girlfriend named Sandy Jennifer Lienand the three spend a lot of time driving around in junky cars and getting drunk or high. The program, which initially aired on the Learning Channel, zigzags between ages-old astronomical and geo- logical "clues" and modern computer tech- nology as it weaves its unusual lesson on world history.

Following the same format that has won the unique TV program a cult following, this episode finds host Mike Nelson, his pals Tom Servo and Crow, and some other android-esque buddies floating in a space- ship above Earth and dissecting every pathetic morsel of this embarrassing B movie. Happily for them, "Bat Women" provides plenty of fodder, including hikini- clad babes, overweight villains, and a com- plete lack of a plot.

The concept of "MST3K" is undeniably clever, but the show still begs a question: Who has the time to sit and watch these movies, albeit with wisecracks, voice-overs, and the occa- sional mockery in the form of a skit?

Much of this coming-of-age story is moved along by Stevo, who often looks straight at the camera to make a point or is heard in a voice-over. While the technique often falls flat in other films, it works here be- cause of Lillard's appealing onscreen personality.

Stevo isn't the violent type, and much of the movie has a sweet tone that embodies positive fam- ily values of friendship and per- sonal growth. It does have a few scenes of drug use and violence, but it's no "Sid And Nancy. The original ver- sion of the game first stomped and chomped its way into arcades in 19K6 and then conquered home game consoles a decade later.

For no logical reason, the third game in the series is named "Ram- page 2: Universal Tour. Social monsters will appreciate the added sup- port for three simultaneous players dur- ing game play.

While fighting games are a dime a dozen, a key strength of the "Ram- page" series has always been its biting humor. The game also features some wacky fighting moves with strange names, such as the Lobster Can Opener and the Rat Bottom Feeder.

Weirdness prevails in "Rampage 2," and that is a good thing. His father Christopher McDonaldan ex-hippie who is now a high- priced lawyer, urges him to "buy in" rather than "sell out" to the mainstream. One of the best scenes in the film is when Stevo's dad takes him for a ride in his Porsche, fol- lowed by lunch at the country club. It's hilarious seeing the father and son having a good time while the rest of middle- aged Reaganite diners gawk at them in horror.

Bob, on the other hand, is searching too, but he just wants a girlfriend. Sandy is especially impressed with Trish because she runs her own business, a head shop. Like a lovesick puppy, Bob falls hard for Trish.

But this ideal punk world comes crashing to the ground when a series of tragedies hits Stevo, and he realizes there has to be more to life than anarchy set to a mind-numbing drum- beat. The chief catalyst in his conversion is a rich girl named Brandy Summer Phoenix.

In the final frames, Stevo may be abandoning his punk stage, but you don't get the feeling he's headed for Harvard. The project was originally envisioned by the creative team behind top-selling CD-ROM game "The 7th Guest" as an interactive movie game that would be availahle simultaneous- ly as a CD-ROM game and as a linear home video release.

John Hurt stars as Dr. Turner, a psychologist who quizzes viewers on their opinions of the film's char- acters, which includes a troubled married couple and a mysterious psychiatric nurse. Viewers watch a linear film segment, then navigate through the married couple's house to seek out further clues. Depending on how a viewer reacts to specific charac- ters, the film will take one of multiple potential plot paths. The concept makes good use of the interactive potential of DVT Video, which has yet to be fully exploited.

While the titie's demand for frequent par- ticipation from viewers will be a turnoff for some, this title could develop a following among die-hard interactive film lovers.

Set in the late s, Freud's unusual, semi-autobiographical audiobook tells the story of two young sis- ters wandering around Morocco and Alge- ria with their hippie mother. Freud's color- ful, detailed descriptions of exotic lands and customs make for entertaining listen- ing.

As a reader, she doesn't differentiate the characters enough, but she has a lively British accent and effectively conveys the alternating feelings of joy, wonder, and anxiety experienced by the younger sister, who tells the story. As the audiobook goes on, however, the travelogue begins to feel aimless and a bit tedious.

But that seems to be the point of the story, as the mother decides in the end to take the girls home to England.

Occasionally the author missteps, using references that no young child would understand, such as "My parents are sounding like Simon Legree. Unfortunate- ly, the presentation is woefully inappropri- ate for the text These sparkling poems should be read by children, or at least by a lively, youthful-sounding adult Instead, Cameron and Wheater read each prayer in a slow, deep, solemn voice, accompanied by Wheater's droning new age music.

This approach would be suitable for a relaxation or hypnosis tape, but in this case it drains all the life out of the poems and would be unappealing to a child. Parents looking for simple, easy-to- relate-to children's prayers would do well to pick up this book— but in its print not audio, version.

Alexandria, Va. Y The group launches its first U. Blaque is booked by Dave Zedeck of Renaissance En- tertainment. Columbia senior national director of promotion U. Cynthia "C. We want to make Blaque as visible as possible. It's been our No. But we have our own thing going.

Kelly pro- duced and co-wrote " This group is very different. I think Blaque has a more mature image than the image TLC had on their first album. I think if there's anything you could say about us is that we're real. Williams, the youngest member, says, "I'm the calm, cool one in the group. He notes, "We've had a few customers ask about the album, but there isn't a heavy demand for it We had some promo material for Blaque out front, and I think that's also created some awareness.

Harris notes, "It's really about hitting people at all angles and giving people multiple impres- sions of Blaque, whether it be on the radio, their videos, touring, or the Internet. You can't expect people to go out and buy a record because they heard the song once on the radio.

And of course, we're still going for adds. Wu-Tang In Syndication. Shortly after completing production on their forthcom- ing Wu-Tang Records self-titled debut, the members of Wu-Syndicate relax with RZA, the executive producer of the album. Latifah's Jersey Kidz Label laks Dist. The Lords project was done and about to come out, and then everything was frozen. That's when we real- ized if we have the commit- ment to the artists and we believe in them, then we should put our money where our mouth is.

We're not just providing a label with the talent, doing all the legwork, and then ending up with only a small piece of the pie," adds Tate. The agreement with K-tel is a production and dis- tribution deal, with Jersey Kidz running as a "full- service indie label," says Tate. And she will be able to pro- vide additional avenues for exposure via her new [syn- dicated] talk show, which debuts in September," says Tate.

Jersey Kidz will not sign unestablished acts, explains Tate, who adds that "we have other labels for that. The focus of this independent label is to put out artists that have a track record. GhettoWorks is our other label coming through Warner Bros. Merge; and rap- per Rowdy Rahz. But we haven't announced a full launch yet of this label. TLC, Mary J. Luther Vandross wrote the forward for the book. Boyz II Men, apparently unaware of any deal between El-Amin and Johnson, sent out an announce- ment that they would not be joining Johnson's compa- ny.

El-Amin, who could not be reached by press time, is believed to be staying with Southpaw. Though no label or release date has been set for the U.

While most international hip-hop labors in the imposing shadow cast by the stateside version, Walkin' Large pays homage to its American cousins while at the same time craft- ing a style that's uniquely its own. Now, a couple of acts are answering that women's anthem with a song that brothers can relate to. According to Thievz member King Kirk, "We felt like they were com- ing at us [men] when we heard the record based on their perceptions of what their ideal man is. We came up with the term 'pigeon' because 'chicken' [slang for a low-life woman] was too good a term.

We eat Ken- tucky Fried Chicken all the time — we don't even eat pigeons; they're the worst bird. It generated considerable phones and is now a reg- ularly requested record. Since then, "Rat" has gen- erated strong requests and is often played right after "No Scrubs. That boost can likely be attributed to the heavy rotation of the single's high-bud- get video, which began airing on TV the week of March 29, as well as to Easter weekend store traffic.

According to the label, Dreamside Dominions - Various - Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal (CD) will not officially service radio until Thursday 15with the majority of audience coming from a limited amount of advance CD sin- gles. It bows at No. His sophomore set, "It Was Written," debuted at No. I'm from South Africa, and I know apartheid very well; now I'm living in a white country, and I'm having a more or less Dreamside Dominions - Various - Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal (CD) life here, even though I'm black.

I feel a lot of love from people when we're onstage. For me, hip-hop makes the world one. Walkin' Large is one of the few groups that has respect from both crowds because they were the first to show we could be up to East Coast standards," Goptschalk adds. That record gave the pro- ducers and artists over here the con- fidence to think bigger.

Says Ono, "We dig those smooth sounds and incorporate that influence with- out worrying about hip-hop coolness. On a lyrical tip, the issue is not about styles but very personal topics, my love life for instance, and what's wrong with me," he adds with a laugh. Ono and DJ Ra aka Constantin Arey met when they were 14 and 15, respectively, and the only blacks at their Wuppertal, Germany, high school. Ono was scribbling short stories and poems and listen- ing to hip-hop.

In the summer of '97, the group signed to Downbeat "I always had an eye on them," says Rudnitzky. Downbeat launched the new al- bum in the first quarter of '98, with a white-label vinyl release of "Lis- ten," featuring a Roots remix.

C Cassette single available. V Vinyl single availabe. X CD maxi-sWigle avaitabe. Catalog number is for O. T or M respectively, based on availability, c A Pip-VP ". SCO TT. C BROA. LA Mijf. ER JR. T Vinyl maii-single available. O ILE S 1 13 -Jli. BUVksbn Combs. U tu In. MicJaael Moody's Universe. OUZ n. BWLWarner Tamertane.

BMLYtnceni Herbert. U Lu Lu. BMi'Delabel Editions. BW-T-renty fine BLack. BMkTHodney Jerkins. GAUV 14 12 il! F3Hl TJejiHi. COM 11 12 VOL 2! Numeral following Platinum or Diamond symbol indicates album's multi-platinum level. Tape prices marked EQ. Everything you need to know about retail with over 7. NJ, CA. S funds drawn on a US bank only. Box 20 1 6. N] 1. For fastest service call I 1 1 9. Outside the U. Or fax your order to DJ Paul Oakenfold— sales for the 11 -track album continue to climb, exceeding all expectations.

And in the world of club music, where records can arrive and depart in the blink of an eye, that's cause for some major celebration. Two months before the album's release, cassette samplers, fliers, and postcards were given away.

Shapero concurs and adds, "The Internet also played a huge part in spreading the word about 'Trance- port. And Paul certainly fits in that category.

At press time, dates and cities were still being eon- firmed. K treated Oak- enfold as if he were a band, with the music being the most important thing and Oakenfold being the per- sonality. In England, DJs are the new pop stars. We're just trying to bring that to the U. Marie Claire" and released on March 30, the song — produced by the Berman Brothers and written by Rick Now- els and Billy Steinberg — finds the singer once again in the mood for love. But unlike past recordings, she's no longer playing the sugar- coated vixen.

Breakouts: Titles with future chart potential, based on club play or sales reported this week. Pro- duced by Rosario, who co-wrote it with Clifford, "Wanna Give It Up" is the first single culled from the pro- ducer's forthcoming debut album "45 Miles Of Nerves," scheduled for release July 6.

While Rosario and Continued on next page Philadelphia Freedom. On March Over the years, his colorful career has also included modeling and acting. On May 18, Newark, N. Band-splashed single "Jump The Rump.

Also on March 29, the single was shipped to crossover and mainstream top 40 radio. The first single will introduce David to many who don't know him from past records, while at the same time it will reintroduce him to longtime fans. And the set's sole downtempo moment, "Maria's Eyes," sparkles with the brilliance of a power ballad. That is, until I actual- ly recorded 'Maria's Eyes.

And since it's the only ballad on the album], it does tend to stand out. Burrill is the first to admit that his earlier recordings were not ex- actly works of art. A native Californian who now resides in Tampa, Fla. Throughout his teen years, he was a member of Strait Ahead, a local heavy metal band.

While attending Sonoma State University and as a way to sup- plement his music career, Burrill decided to pursue a "moonlight- ing" career in modeling. During a six-month period inBurrill was featured on more than 30 — primarily adult — magazine cov- ers, culminating with Playgirl. To this day, I still average more than perfor- mances a year. With the money I've earned from my shows, I've been able to build a home re- cording studio.

In real life, I keep to myself and am kind of shy. But when I get onstage, I flip this mental switch and become this crazed, rip-off- my-shirt kind of guy. Men in the audiences seem to like his attitude, while women seem to simply want him. OL" 3;:. Power Pick on Club Play is awarded for the largest point increase among singles below the top Greatest Gainer on Maxi-Singtes Sales is awarded for the largest sales increase among singles anywhere in the top Catalog number is for vinyl maxi-singte, or CD maxi-singte if vinyl is unavailable.

On Sales chart: M Cassette maxi-single availability. T Vinyl maxi-single availability. X CD maw-single availability. Vannelli supply the supple grooves, Clifford shines in signature fashion and ably captures the sass and attitude found on such earlier recordings as "Runaway Love" and "If My Friends Could See Me Now.

Penned by English and Maurice Joshua who also produced itthis gospel-tinged houser has been restructured by Razor 'N' Guido and Bobby D'Ambrosio, who inject the track with formidable traces of trance and soul, respec- tively. While the mixes ably get the job done, none match the buoyancy and vitality that are at the center of Joshua's original production. Why Joshua wasn't also asked to remix the song is something that will con- found us for days to come. On March 15, the label released Capriccio'8 Latin-splashed "Every- body Get Up," which features an oh- so-familiar bassline.

With sturdy '70s-embellished mixes by Richard F. Richard F. We can hardly wait for this one! Faith Hill and Gen. Colin Powell are teaming up to pro- mote literacy in America. Con- certgoers are asked to bring children's books to her shows. Family harmony singing, especial- ly sibling harmonies, has long been a staple of country music, and Kristyn, Kassidy, and Kelsi Osborn deliver an intricate and effective package of shifting harmonies.

This two-CD, track package is at once a history and an appreciation of the role of mandolin and its most promi- nent players in bluegrass music. They run through landmark blue- grass and old-timey songs in varying combinations: from solos to duets, trios, and octets.

The set includes a page booklet with pictures, bios, and extensive liner notes by Tony Williamson and Neil V. Rosenberg, as well as a transcription by John McGann of each play- er's notes on an eight-player jam of the Bill Mon- roe song "Panhandle Country. And we left in little interviews with everyone about the songs.

This is kind of a once-in-a- lifetime event, so we made it a double CD. There are some great performances on there, and it covers the whole spectrum of styles of the bluegrass mandolin. Wallis Marsh failed to act to prevent her death; also at issue are drugs that were allegedly prescribed for her prior to her death. An attor- ney for Georgette Smith, Tina Jones, and Jackie Daly says that the daugh- ters seek to have Wynette's body Dreamside Dominions - Various - Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal (CD) and have an autopsy performed, which was not done when she died at home on April 6, At the time, Dr.

Marsh listed a blood clot of the lung as cause of Wynette's death. Meanwhile, Wynette's former husband and singing partner, George Jones, finds himself the target of a grand-jury investigation in Williamson County, Tenn.

The inquiry reported- ly stems from emergency calls from motorists reporting Jones' erratic driving before his near-fatal car wreck on March 6. A small bottle of vodka, which had been opened and resealed, was allegedly found under the passenger seat of Jones' vehicle. In a statement to the press, police and doctors ini- tially said that alcohol did not seem to be a factor in the wreck.

In his only statement about the incident, Jones said in an interview on WKDF Nashville that he recalls nothing of the wreck, which initially left him in a coma. A spokeswoman for his label. Asylum, says he was talking on a cell phone with his family when he crashed. Radio producer and syndicator Jim Darby is recovering from two strokes here at Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital. Darby, who welcomes visitors, is registered under his legal name. Darby Lawhom.

Now, they say, their year "overnight success story" has yielded their first album, "The Whole Shebang," which Lyric Street will release May Known earlier as the Osborn Sis- ters and then as the Violets, the three recorded an album for RCA here in the early '90s, but with regime changes at the label, it was never released.

By then, the sisters had changed their name to Shedaisy, an American Indian term meaning "my sisters. And that's ran us. Randy was out of town, but we played for him when he came back, and that was it" He had no doubts, isy says Goodman.

Every- body here was over the top about them when they heard them. Her song subjects range Dreamside Dominions - Various - Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal (CD) murder-suicide to multiple personalities to love songs. She co-wrote all 1 1 songs on the album. I'm not talking about an uneducated kid here. His grandfather bought him a guitar when he was 8.

More than any- thing, I think I learned what it takes to be a country artist and what it takes to entertain an audience. It was a great way to meet people, and I met the co-writ- ers who wound up on this record through school and through that process. NEW YORK— Returning to the stage for only the second time since his diagnosis with Shy-Drager syndrome, Johnny Cash electrified an audience April 6 here with a surprise appear- ance at an all-star concert in his honor.

Cash performed "Folsom Prison Blues" and was joined by an ensemble of country and pop stars for "I Walk The Line," which served as the finale to the evening.

Cash's appearance capped an evening in which many of the artists inspired by Cash performed together in inspired pairings. But it was Cash who stole the show. The year-old music great last appeared onstage at a tribute show June 24,in Nashville Billboard, July 1 1and has spent the win- ter in Jamaica trying to recover from Shy-Drager syndrome's toll.

Cash's face was red and puffy, his eyes sagged, and his hair has gone thin and gray. But he showed no shortage of enthusiasm that evening in New York. That really established their identity, the sisters agree, and they frankly acknowledge that it also immediately defused any compar- isons to another country female trio, Dixie Chicks.

When you're up on a foot screen, it has to be an act that has the right stuff. Shedaisy has the right stuff. The film effectively re- placed the traditional radio tour. With Disney's aid, the label was able to secure movie theaters across the country for screenings for radio sta- tion staffs as an event. The label had several prints made to allow simulta- neous screenings. They have those beautiful family harmonies. I can't recall when we last heard anything like that" Schreiber notes that the label is also planning international uses for the film.

And Goodman says the label is looking for further uses of the film as a pro- motion and marketing vehicle. There'll be a lot of opportunities for them in the Disney organization. The group is booked by Creative Artists Agency and has not yet decided on management. Giving Up The Ranch.

Keith Urban, former front man for Capitol Nashville group the Ranch, is now completing a solo album for the label with Stevie J. Neal came by the office quite a bit I got to meet him, and we sat and talked for 20 minutes or so and had a good con- versation. Then I went upstairs and made those calls again. It hit me: "That is something when the artist will come in and take some time with the staff that is working for him.

Thus far, the songs on "Who Needs Pic- tures" are getting a positive reaction. Wade Hunt; it contains photos of Paisley corresponding to each song. Brad is also a welcome addition to our Dreamside Dominions - Various - Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal (CD) as a genre, because his sense of humor is something this format hasn't seen in a while.

Brad does very thoughtful rec- ords. Arista also plans to employ what Dungan calls "nest marketing. Dungan says the label is determining the locations and markets. BMVAmencan Made. BMW- house. BMvWactssa River. BMVBoy Roctang. Songs Of PofyGram Intl. BMVLoon Echo. BMlVtossa River. BMVTy Land. E HILL. NFiii urrnY it. T SkapirPj! J UO rC. ZAV TS. ROBOt : f ATC--R A,! L J r. Airpower awarded to those records which attain 2, detections lor the first time. Titles below the top 30 are removed from the chart after 20 weeks, t Videoclip availability.

Catalog number is for CD single, or vinyl single if CD single is unavailable. C Cassette single availability D CD singte availability. V Vinyl single availability. G Of America RlAA certification for net shipment of C Tape prices marked EQ, and all other CD prices, are equivalent pnces, which are projected from wholesale pnces Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit increase.

Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth. To register for this exciting three-day event, which includes a ticket to the awards show, call Michele Quigley at However, one management firm, Hauser Entertainment, has emerged in the '90s as perhaps the biggest and most powerful Hispan- ic management company, at least in the stateside Latino sector.

Led by compa- ny president Ralph Hauser, the Los Angeles- based firm with a staff of 20 has secured an even bigger profile lately. Hauser Entertainment recently inked a sponsorship deal with Sears under which Sears will be the offi- cial sponsor of Juan Gabriel's U. To further cement his relation- ship with Hauser Entertainment, Juan Gabriel has inked a year exclusive tour-management deal with the firm. Hauser will produce Juan Gabriel's shows throughout the U. Most of Hauser Entertainment's clients have been with the company for nine years or more.

Yet for all of his success, Hauser himself has kept a much lower profile than his coun- terparts. I deal a lot with radio peo- ple, because I am concerned that you hear my entertainers.

In fact, Hauser used to park cars at Pico Rivera Arena when he decid- ed in to form a promotion com- pany called Ventura Productions. And like the majority of those with success stories, Hauser got off to a rough start promoting shows at Pico, where, by the way, he also met his wife. But Hauser recalls his big break came in when Universal called asking for Juan Gabriel. As Hauser left Juan Gabriel's house, he heard several knocks from upstairs.

His mother went up to attend to the rapping on the door and then came downstairs to inform Hauser that Juan Gabriel would, indeed, do the shows. Later, when Juan Gabriel awoke, he recalled "how mean" his mother had been to Hauser, "and I called her by knocking.

I said, 'I am going to do the shows with you or without you. Hauser wants to cross-promote his artists as well. Peer music. C-O J. J V MA. Box NJ Please add appropriate sales tax in NY, NJ. Orders payable in U. Now available on diskette and mailing labels. For rates call Mike Fouratt at 7. To advertise call Jeff Serrette at www. So, the the- ory is, at the end ofPepe will have opened new markets, and who better to open up these markets for him than Juan Gabriel?

Sometimes one player needs more help than anoth- er at certain times, and I use my other entertainers to help. When you do six weeks straight, a schedule conflict is going to happen to hurt the show — like a big boxing bout, or two big acts will cross and split the public. I would see him and tell him to go play for the [San Diego] Padres. We will do an arena, and he will see a block of tickets open.

He will say, 'Ralph, the tickets were too expensive, because those people should be sitting there. What you learn from the old-school entertainers before you, you can apply and be very successful, Dreamside Dominions - Various - Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal (CD).

There are things told to me by Tony Aguilar that [were] told to him by Lucille Ball. Alejandro Fernandez is due to drop a new album, "Mi Verdad," May The one area Hauser does not generally get involved with in his clients' careers is the creative process of recording or contract talks concerning record deals. Still, Hauser says he will get involved with Juan Gabriel's contract negoti- ations when his current pact with BMG expires next year.

While he has been approached to sell his company, whose revenue he does divulge, Hauser insists that "we're just babies.

Why would I want to sell? Thalia owes EMI one more disc. No official an- nouncement of impending nuptials has been announced. Top chart performers scheduled to drop new product in the next three months are from the market's current front-running label, Sony Discos. It is slated to issue new titles from Elvis Crespo, whose latest set is still parked in the top 10 of The Billboard Latin 50; Alejandro Fer- nandez, who follows up his gold pop album with a new ranchera album; Ana Gabriel, whose pop disc was produced by Emilio Estefan Jr.

Fonovisa's second-quarter releas- es are headed up by titles from fast- rising Conjunto Primavera and legendary norteno crew Los Tigres Del Norte. WEA Latina is scheduled to drop new albums by M ami. Latin in the quarter. It seems more and more radio folks are getting into the management game without any apparent regard for a possible conflict of interest.

Stateside briefs: opera luminary Luciano Pavarotti has invited Sony Discos' superstar Ricky Martin to perform with him at a charity concert in his hometown of Modena, Italy. The event, set for June 1, is to be called "Pavarotti And Friends. Williams, and Stevie Wonder. Salsa queen Celia Cruz and man- ager Ralph Mercado apparently have parted ways after 25 years. No reason or comment for the split was offered by either side.

It also is not known if Cruz owes Mercado's label any more albums or if she will con- tinue to record for RMM. Nuyorican salsero Jorge Lewis is coming to his parents' home island of Puerto Rico to promote his solid H. Assistance m preparing this column provided by Karl Ross in San J van. And you've hod a blosr uiirti our posf.

Thanhs for reissuing some of our best on CD. Keep if up, baby. Hundreds more of the bulleted variety La creme de la creme of musical society. Much-loved artists, greatest songs, Found a home where they belong. We look forward to a long and suttessful relationship. Congratulations on your 21st Anniversary!

For over 2 decades, from pop to polka, you've been the soundtrack of our lives. Wishing you four hundred one thousand k l more years of success. Member SIPC. As a proud partner, we extend our very best wishes for every success in the future. From the "kids" at Music for Little People. Regan began his career play- ing music in high school before earning a psychology degree from the University of California. And I couldn't bear the thought of con- tinuing on in school, so I kept playing.

We had a college band that was doing pretty well. I was making good money, got to drink beer, sleep late, and meet lots of cocktail waitresses. It was the perfect occupation for someone in their 20s. He started writing songs for the band, but then he decided to go solo. He moved to Los Angeles in He signed an artist deal with Curb through Scotti Broth- ers and released one single, "Smokey Places," which failed to ignite on the charts.

I was all across the board. I told them point-blank: 'I'm in my 30s with two little kids. I'm either going to move out here and give this a shot, or I'm going to become a civilian again. Do I have a shot? I'm a fairly monogamous writer. To what does he attribute his hot streak? I've done this for a while, and 1 have good co-writers I work with," he says, citing Teren, Tom Shapiro, and Jeff Pennig, among others. I get up and go to work every day with writers I respect and enjoy being with, and I try to write the best song I can.

Sometimes it all falls together. Berlin's Terri Nunn says the group was able to choose the song it wanted to record for "Virgin Voic- es. It really has- n't been my style," says Nunn. I like heavier stuff So I really didn't follow her, but there was one song that stopped me cold when I heard it on the radio. I pulled over and listened to it.

It was so great, and it was that song, 'Live To Tell. I said, 'If I do this, I would do that song. It was beautiful. I wanted to keep it slow, but I wanted to give it a more rolling beat underneath it, which would update it. Hitco BMl. This show was a daring choice, and although it wasn't the highest peak among many outstanding revues of that decade, it fulfills the unwrit- ten, but sometimes ignored, man- date of "Encores! Another song that's had some life beyond the show is an exu- berant ballad, "That Moment Of Moments," while "Sentimental Weather" has plenty of charm in particular as a dance number.

The other numbers, some of which play in the revue format, don't make the rounds anymore and are the obvious lesser creations of two song- writers whose catalogs, of course, have enough standards to spare.

Even so, these songs surely make better listening today than most of the show's sketches, some of which were written by Gershwin himself. The revue ran for perfor- mances, in an initial run and anoth- er run later in the year with a num- ber of cast changes. The first run ended due to the illness of one of its stars, Fanny Brice. Eve Arden. Musical theater fans will also realize that the revue's orchestra- tors, Robert Russell Bennett, Hans Spialek, and Don Walker, had stellar Broadway careers of their own.

It's a tall task to follow in the footsteps of these enormously tal- ented performers, but as usual the work done by "Encores! In a discussion period that fol- lows "Encoresl's" Saturday mati- nees, it was made known that "The Ziegfeld Follies Of " was to be recorded March Metallica, "Garage Inc.

Hole, "Celebrity Skin. Howev- er, Sony Music Studios, by virtue of a unique mandate, has been forced to compete on all those levels and more. Established in on New York's West Side on a site once used by the Fox film company, Sony Music Studios was designed to meet all the needs of the com- pany's artist roster, from writ- ing, rehearsing, live perfor- mances, and video shoots to recording, mixing, editing, and mastering.

At the same time, Sony needed to serve the archival and remas- tering functions of its family of labels — no mean feat when you consider that Sony owns the CBS Records library, one of the oldest and most impressive of the indus- try's tape vaults. And, because of Sony Corp. Pictured seated is Hancock. International call Lakewood NJ Please add appfcable sales tax in NY.

Orders payable In U. Tape Disc 99 Is also available online. The adaptability of the studio is a wonderful asset.

The producer. Bob Sadin, said that the impact of having everything under one roof was tremendous. Then Bob Sadin would come in, listen, and make corrections, so master- ing became an integral part of mixing. There was this wonder- ful movement of ideas back and forth. It became a fun way to do a record. The entire pro- gram — from the music perfor- mances to the title edits — is pro- duced in-house.

We do all the audio post, sweetening, and video graphics as well. For one, the show is now shot in digital component video in order to facilitate the conversion to DVD.

Busta Rhymes feat. Modern Rock, Rap. Fax Certainly, being funded by Sony has helped the stu- dio adapt to a constantly changing mar- k e t p 1 a c ewhereas some of its independent competitors might not have had the capital to respond readily.

However, studios cannot succeed on deep pockets alone, as history has shown. Sony is one of the 'The adaptability of the studio is a wonderful asset' few major-label-based studios still in existence, following the closings of many others in the past decade.

Sony has demonstrated a com- mitment to operate each depart- ment in the studio as a boutique operation that must compete with the other world-class facilities in New York. Next single "Do That," dressed with a full-color sleeve and fea- turing the Finesse remix, was released last summer and was also promoted to club DJs. Released in CD and vinyl formats and sup- ported by a video, it went to Ger- man retail and radio last fall.

There was some music that happened down there that put me in a different state then I'd heretofore experienced. It was more than the [drinks] we were drinking. Some of the music is almost prayers to the Santeria deities; some of it is extremely powerful.

The result for me was almost like being in a trancelike state for a particular show. Amy [Ray] and I got to work with Luis de la Cruz, who's more of a street rock musician, and Yosvanny Terry, who was more schooled. It was nice to work with the combination. They don't have a lot of the extra trap- pings we do. There's no doubt that any time you have something that's not driven by money, that's driven just by the joy of the art itself, it's a joy to be around.

We'd sit up into the night and jam. Everyone just wanted to play. It was awesome. It was like summer camp for adults. The group also played show- cases in Germany's five largest cities. Rudnitzky adds, "We focus on success in Germany, then offer those numbers to persuade our [WEA]-affiliated labels to distribute and promote the record. Walkin' Large launches a date tour of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in May with top- selling German-language hip-hop act Freundeskreis.

The Sony Studios staff, how- ever, hardly differentiates be- tween the two, and every client is treated in a manner befitting the studio's world-class status. It also means pro- viding artists an atmosphere that's relaxed, conducive to cre- ativity, private, and secure from the outside world. For a label studio, particularly one with a catalog as vast as Sony Music's, success also means tend- ing to the family jewels. At the studio, an entire staff is devoted to archiving and restoring a sprawling vault of master record- ings — most of them from the CBS Records library, which Sony acquired in Photo: Kieran Connelly Billboard.

APRIL That student, a lo-year-old from Mis- souri, was making the rounds of the New York jazz scene, taking in per- formances by Hall, Bill Evans, and Freddie Hubbard. His name was I'at Metheny. Over the years, of course, we've stayed in touch, and I've followed his progres- sion as a player.

Methe- ny guested on Hall's release, "By Arrangement. It worked, and we realized how well we communicate on a musical level" Still, Hall was concerned about a duo project with another guitarist, explaining that "there is a danger that two guitars can diminish one APRIL That's why there's a lot of vari- ety on the album and why Pat plays so many different guitars on the pro- ject.

I prefer to do as few takes as possible and to play in front of an audience whenever possible. For me, the more you work on something, it loses some of its life. So we came to a compro- mise, which was a mixture of live and studio performances. Pat and I would make eye con- tact and j ust start playing. Whatever instrument Pat had been working with for the past hour would be the instrument that he would use on that improvisation.

Hall and Metheny wrap intri- cate lines around each other with san- guine comfort; the result Is not unlike one musician performing multiple parts with impossible facility. How- ever, each guitarist infuses the musi- cal framework with his own indelible stamp, giving the overall project an adventurous edge and vitality that hears itself out with repeated listen- ings.

The ease with which the guitarists weave their respective parts is in- tentionally or not mirrored by the symmetry provided by their choice of compositions. Four uriginal composi- tions come from Hall's pen; four are written by Metheny; also there are two standards, one composition by a mutual friend Steve Swallow's "Falling Grace"and one by Zoller "The Birds And The Bees".

It all comes full circle. I con- stantly find new things to play on the guitar and new ways of approaching it. The guitar is both inviting and dif- ficult and that's the charm of it It's like a carrot on a string that keeps me humble and coming back for more. Designed to run on all Win- dows platforms — and recom- mended for systems with Windows 95 or later versions — the multimedia project is backed by labels' body BPW and industry- wide electronic-ordering network PhonoNet. The MID will be fea- tured in music industry cam- paigns and sell through retail.

According to Peter Zombik, managing director of BPW, "The Music Info Disc is merely the first step toward building up a multime- dia music information system for the future. A delegation of senior executives led by Gerd Gebhardt, chairman of the German Phono Academy, told Nau- mann about their worries over piracy and noted that a major source of con- cern was the trading of illicitly copied CDs happening on Ger- man school play- grounds. This, the execs argued, was exerting considerable pressure on record stores in the vicinity of schools.

Gebhardt went on to call for an international initiative to protect music rights on the Inter- net. Naumann responded by promis- ing to use his political power to pro- tect music makers' rights in Ger- many. He noted, however, that combating piracy in both the phys- ical world and the online environ- ment requires international coop- eration and said he would work to se- cure the cross-bor- der initiatives need- ed.

Cover artwork for 80, releases is also included. Songs can be searched for by using any one of eight criteria, including title, artist, format, and genre. The ini- tial list provided can then be sort- ed through by using seven differ- ent filters, including playing time and record company.

According to project manager Thorsten Hansen of BPW, one of the greatest challenges in produc- ing the MID was to ensure that the data was up to date and absolutely correct. The single was released on a non- return basis Sept. It was deleted Feb. Sound- Scan measures john units bought in record stores and department stores. John's single has also been widely sold by nontradi- tional accounts, including grocery stores, drugstores, and gift shops.

Shim, who joined April 1 as managing direc- tor of the multinational's Korean affil- iate. Based in Seoul, he succeeds Jon- athan Park, who left last November.

Shim will meet his fellow Asian managers and other Warner col- leagues during the week beginning April 19, when Warner Music Inter- national holds its managing directors' conference in Hong Kong. Warner Music Korea, which was established inhas a staff of Jonathan Park was managing direc- tor for five years.

The company is thought to gener- ally rank around fourth out of the five multination- als, all of which compete within a relatively narrow market-share band — and all of which, together, have less than half the total Korean market. As a result, his arrival at Warner has renewed local speculation about the intensity of rivalry between the two companies. Allison is expected to appoint a successor to Shim within 60 days "People come, people go," Ruther- ford Ls willing to say.

The music market fyr Latin America, Can me music mai "mi www. M 33 41 90 44 Z1Ft. IV "We are willing to establish ways of working together before the second phase, that of joining," he says. My view is to look at these joint ven- tures as a move toward the future. He adds, "One thing I must stress is that sev- eral Spanish-lan- guage copyright bodies have been doing something similar for four years now with a project called 'Latinautor,' which was presented at a Billboard conference in Miami and then to pub- lishers and other bodies.

We recently received a visit from IMJV senior executives, who gave us an extensive explanation. It's not easy; there's a very big stage. We agree with the system insofar as we have been doing this for four years, but Latinautor is an original agency that works in specif- ic territories with a specific reper- toire.

It's a bit of a wash. Breaking international reper- toire relies heavily on exposure on the tried-and-tested routes of tele- vision's MTV Asia and Channel Y radio airplay, and artist promotion- al tours. But to get the edge, labels are seeking new ways of making an impact. In June, the Moffatts came for a promo tour that included a contest on a popular daily noontime show, says international label manager Jim Baluyut. Contestants who mimicked the band were judged by the Moffatts themselves.

The band visited in April for TV guest spots, radio inter- views, and mall shows, the latter a staple of promo tours here.


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