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Makee Ailana - Genoa Keawe - Hana Hou! Volume 1 (Cassette, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Makee Ailana - Genoa Keawe - Hana Hou! Volume 1 (Cassette, Album)
Label: Hula Records - CHS-586 • Format: Cassette Album, Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Pacific

Trustee, At-large Tel: It is our kuleana. In in Fiscal Year alone. We pledged During my first tenure as OHA to restore unity and stability within our Chair, the State of the Office hale, and to restore the integrity and of Hawaiian Affairs had the theme, credibility of OHA leadership.

Pualani Board to lead by example. An important topic came In our research, we have up in this meeting. Furthermore, until it ial and symbiotic relationship between is cleared, the DHHL is hesitant to move People and the Lands and Environment forward with any plans in these areas.

Huliau… A Time of Great Change and please do not get into a debate over that term. In business, a customer is someone you must satisfy! And pretty soon, you have no business. This is a reprint of my October article.

Hope you find it timely reading in this time of turmoil here at OHA. Today, nonprofits understand that they need management all the more because they have no conventional bottom line. Now they need to learn how to use management so that they can concentrate on their mission. For years, most nonprofits felt that good intentions were by themselves enough. You will inevitably make wrong for improving the well-being of Native assumptions.

We have to have dis- decisions. And, we have to think clearly what structive dissent, and by looking at the results are best for our beneficiaries. We sweeping transformation taking place in also should NOT be suing each other … our society. Who is our cus- ties with our commitment to help build tomer? What does the customer value? Instead, they want to submit the Akana documents directly to the independent auditor. However, as Trustee, contract administrator for the At-large audit, the Resource Management Chair acts as the point of contact RM authorized an independent and is responsible for oversight of the audit.

The right b. The OHA Chair needs to show some in place to ensure the integrity courage and demand that the information of the performance indicators as we need to carry out our audit is delivered to reported in the quarterly reports to us immediately. After all, this is one of the the BOT. This obvious stall is an indicaOn December 18,the independent tion of mismanagement. Findthe new Broken Trust. What resulted was Kamehameha Schools, this findAkina, Ph.

King, grants and sponsorshipsand selective and Randall W. Roth, which chronicles the enforcement of fiscal policies. On May 25,Broken hawaii. In my opinion, there are two answers to that quesWhile the state audit of OHA raised question: no, and wait and see. OHA commissioned by the trustees. However, ing a court appointed screening committee just as the beneficiaries and stakeholders of followed by stakeholder input and confir- Bishop Estate stood up to demand accountmation by a probate court.

We have seen that this can Court. OHA trustees are elected by the result in transformational change. To that public. Kamehameha Schools has a narrow extent, the situations are similar. In the end, that will wait and see. Parallels between the orga- be the pathway to restoring broken trust.

Also rewarding at a very tender age. I gave that well as West Maui residents. How times Lindsey of five children. My mom also have changed. He offered me a position the telephone for different dishes. She encouraged us to land use ordinances for land development excel in our talents — allowing me to enter — subdivision, building, electrical, plumbvarious musical or hula competitions.

I am ing, grading, etc. I felt it critical to treat all grateful for that support for it taught me that applicants fairly and not because I knew one as an entertainer I am able to earn a living better than the other and to assure that qualusing my talents and to be self-reliant. I ity developments were built. I did what I had to do to suras well as hula dancers and practitioners tal- vive and provide for my children.

I worked ented in the making of traditional arts. One of the was working at the Department of Hawaiian most important attributes taught me by my Home Lands. How exciting it was to learn mom was work ethic. I have passed this on how politics really works; and I learned to my three children; and today, am proud from the master himself, Governor Burns. The Speaker of the I became a trustee. I remember uprightness. He attended St. Navy during the Vietnam conflict. Kanikapila other capacities and since has served as the President of KCA, which works to better the conditions of native Hawaiians as defined.

This is his fifth three-year term. Post Office. That year, a non-profit arm of the Keaukaha he also met and married Community Associahis wife of 49 years, tion. They had two work as part of the grassdaughters and a son roots effort to rebuild while in California. He served on trol and Hilo Sewage Plant.

Astronomy, having been on Mauna congressional hearings on the Akaka Bill. Kea over 40 years, owes at least that much He participated in civil disobedience at to the native Hawaiian people.

He fought water issues, He believes the future of the beneficiaries tax issues and land exchanges by DHHL. Keaukaha Smiles on you. Continued from page 5 true greats in Hawaiian music and a formidable brand in the local music scene, just as his father was in his day.

His well-recognized and highly regarded body of work shows just how deeply he has been able to etch his own name in the annals of island music. With that he had the good fortune to participate in the historic Hawaiian music concerts at Carnegie Hall. Mastering 14 different tunings, Cyril was invited by Chet Atkins to teach slack key for seven years at the annual Appreciation Society guitar convention in Nashville.

Atkins had been good friends with Gabby and they had planned to do an album together. InCyril befriended George Winston and recorded some 97 songs in his studio as a solo performer. During the s and s, Cyril developed a close personal and professional bond with Peter Moon. Against this backdrop, Peter Moon, who passed on Feb. Cyril heard potential in the young musician and, just as the slack key elders had shared when he was growing up, so he now had the opportunity to pass on skills and knowledge to the next generation.

Instead, I hid behind the fence to watch and listen to my father jamming with Atta Isaccs and Sonny Chillingworth. The sound their guitars made together brought tears to my eyes. At that moment, I promised myself that I would learn from them, play like them, and carry their music and legacy forward.

It is a commitment I have pursued from that day until today. This festival carries that commitment into the future. It is a symbol of my love for my masters and Hawaiian music and is offered with aloha for all those I have played for, played with, or taught, and especially those who just come out to listen.

Listings should not exceed words. OHA reserves the right to edit all submissions for length. Send your information by mail, or e-mail kwo OHA. E ola na- mamo a Ha- loa! Kaleohano w Kekipi. Alice Ale Wentworth George K. Beck Sr. Valera are all invited to this event. Information and registration form can be found on websites KauauaOhana. Plan early to reserve your accommodations and rent-a-car. Call Clarence Ariola Jr.

Camp setup begins Friday with pot blessing and movie night. To receive Family Meeting Minutes, email or text us your address. For more information, contact Pauahi Leoiki or email cpleoiki gmail. Please come and join us to plan this 2-day event. Please contact Agnes if you have questions The reunion gathering day is Saturday, July 28, from 10a to 9p. Musician volunteers are needed and monetary donations are welcomed. Funds will be used for picnic tables, tents, paper goods.

DiFolco or cell Fill out the questionnaire form ASAP to help our planning. Contact us at the family email: lovell. We have secured the pavillion area for the 3 days. David and Maria had eight children, all of whom produced descendants. For more information, please contact Ala Kawaauhau at or by email at kawaauhauedward yahoo. Return to the Big Island for our 20th. Saturday morning will be our family event roadtrip! Sunday will be our closing and wrap-up. Join our Facebook page Puhi Family Reunion.

Or, email Daviann Kama or Ella Waiwaiole at puhireunion gmail. Aloha mai! Please bring a dish to share. Join us and help make this a memorable event. Family, Food, and Fun. Kim - robins2friedenburg gmail. Please email Angela Neller at hiilani fairpoint. The deadline for registration, t-shirts, and family group sheets is April 30, Information and registration forms will be available online at www.

Email dwight victor-ohana. Mary Cullen married John Fernandez Their daughter Madeline Fernandez Colburn. Please call or text Pauahi Colburn at Mahalo nui.

Somehow Arsenio left the family and where is unknown. I cannot find any information on Maria and Manuel, unless they passed away on the Albergeldie coming here.

So this is the line I am trying to research. We have information on more than 7. Since, deceased. Please contact or lruby hawaii. Kananior Moana He worked as a carpenter under Mr. Please contact Harry or harrypor terkiawe gmail. Any and all information will be greatly appreciate.

Married my grandfather Henry K. Married Hon. Index by name of mother Keawe Hannah, father Henry K. Please call Ned Iaea or Marie K. We are planning a reunion for Oct Please contact us at: oct They had 6 known children together.

Please contact Mapuana - usinewa gmail. We are planning a reunion for October Mother: Kawao Kaainaahiahi Kahakuloa, Maui. Father: George Sr.

Waiolama of Wailuku,Maui. George Jr. Leialoha Cook. Please contact Sissy Akui at kealohamaiole gmail. All personal data, such as names, locations and descriptions of Kuleana Lands will be kept secure and used solely for the purposes of this attempt to Album) Kuleana rights and possession. Make check payable to OHA.

Events continue throughout the Labor Day weekend as follows: Saturday, Aug. Sunday, Sept. Boards available for rent at Kona Boys at Kamakahonu Bay. Participants will meet at Kamakahonu Beach next to Kailua Pier. For full event information and registration, visit www. Daniel Inouye and retired U. Daniel Akaka, who, flashing a peace sign, served as grand marshal along with 2 Ken Inouye, who represented his late father. Catingub was commissioned for the arrangement by the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band.

The challenge, he said, was arranging it specifically for a concert band. With a band with wind instruments, you can only play the instruments so long. She was moved to tears at its debut in March, when the band played it for the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band and other invited guests at the Queen Emma having all his hits, I was living on the main- Summer Palace.

Like everybody else who discovered his voice and everything he was about, I became an instant fan. For a list of participating retail locations, please visit pookelacommunications. Verification of residency required. Only available at participating locations.

Cannot be combined with any other specials or offers. Limit of five lines per household. Cultural tours have increased from once or twice a day to once an hour, and visitors can see demonstrations of Native Hawaiian arts and games throughout the valley. Things are being done more in the pono way. Executive Director Richard Pezzulo says its ability to generate revenue shows that land-based projects can be self-sustaining.

Since the city first condemned and took ownership of the former adventure park property inthere has been an emphasis on returning Waimea Valley to its former glory. Last year, visitor counts were up 37, over and revenue grew, as well. The new vision appears to be working. Inhowever, operations were sustainable, Pezzulo said. Heading into the busy summer months, the average visitor count wasclose to the goal of visitors a day. Part of the strategic plan calls for attracting more local residents to the site.

A large pavilion is available to rent for weddings and other events and, in time, the Proud Peacock restaurant, housed above the snack bar, may once again be.

For dessert, organic sorbets come in flavors like Haden mango, white sapote and mountain apple. The botanical gardens, Makee Ailana - Genoa Keawe - Hana Hou!

Volume 1 (Cassette, home to 5, plants, are another big draw. Recognizing that, a new 5,square-foot greenhouse was recently erected and sprinkler upgrades are in the works.

Some of the older garden beds will also be rehabilitated, Pezzulo says. Visitors can wander through brilliantly-hued ginger gardens.

Canoe plants — those that the first Hawaiians brought with them to the Islands — like taro and sweet potato are also prominent. Several plant species on site are endangered, such as a Tahitian banana tree that may no longer grow anywhere else.

Botanists at Waimea Valley are trying to breathe new life into some of the endangered species, mirroring more large-scale efforts. Here, Hawaiians weigh in on both sides of the issue. This Mauna of course is not true due to its Kea? Our By E. Kalani Flores and B. Pualani Case imbalance and disharmony on ancestors and the ancient this summit. There are already ones understood this Too Many Telescopes! To the Kanaka Maoli, let us be aware, Sky Father.

This massive criteria for a conservation district use permit. Our Mauna is surpass the height limits for any commercial or still sacred. Ching, Paul K. For the Mauna by excavating and shaving off the more information on this issue, please visit the webtop of the summit.

The proponents of the TMT site kahea. I have their communities, served as captain with the full consent and navigator of and in the presence of the Hawaiian deeptheir gods. Our ancestors were no different; out of the sea, they sought knowledge from their enviTop view of the its summit ronment, including the stars, to guide proposed TMT framed and them and to give them a greater percomplex.

The science of astronomy helps stars. At sea, us to advance human knowledge to the on a cloudless benefit of the community. Its impact has night, when been positive, introducing the young to peering at the the process of modern exploration and awesome sight discovery, a process consistent with past of Maunakea, traditional practices.

Maunakea is the celestial portal into eye astronomers the world has known. It is culturally consistent to advocate for As explorers, Hawaiians utilized island Hawaiian participation in a field of sciresources to sustain their communities. I of how, for generations, a very adaptive firmly believe that the highest level of desand intelligent people utilized the moun- ecration rests in actions that remove the tain as a vital resource.

They excavated opportunity and choices from the kind of the thin-aired slopes of Maunakea for future our youth can aspire to. Maunakea, like to serve its community by producing the life, is sacred, and we need to proceed tools to sustain daily life.

They ventured with the important work of ensuring our to Maunakea, reshaped the environment future. A calendar item in the May issue listed another year. KWO regrets the errors. The phone number remains the same: The report can be viewed at all state public libraries; the city Municipal Reference Library, S. King St. Copies of the report may be requested on CD at no charge by calling Those unable to attend the public hearing may submit written comments to: Mr.

Daniel A. Grabauskas at. The Tour de Cure raises funds through registration fees and pledges collected by the cyclists. To register, cyclists or volunteers can call the ADA at or visit www. The traditional Hawaiian music trio won for group of year, most promising artist, Hawaiian music album of the year, and album of the year, which they shared with co-producer Dave Tucciarone. Comments may also be submitted online at www.

Historic preservation training On July 19, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation will conduct a free training specifically for Native Hawaiian organizations on federal historic preservation law and the National Historic Preservation Act Section process. The training will be held from noon to 4 p. The training will be capped at no more than 40 participants.

Native Hawaiian organization. Wilcox Elementary School cafeteria, Hardy St. The listening sessions will run from 6 to p. Registration begins at 8. For more information, call The public is invited to attend the two-part pau hana at no cost. In addition, forums will showcase sustainability issues such as seafood security, water and climate change, tourism and environment, and more. The to p. Attendees will also get a chance to talk story with more than 40 green market vendors and green organizations, view a pop-up art exhibition by Maoli Real Time Arts Gallery, listen to live Hawaiian music and watch a film screening of Seeds of Hope.

No registration is necessary. Toddlers and preschoolers may enter at any time in the school session as long as space permits. Enrollment for elementary is for the fall session. All programs encompass a limited amount of Hawaiian language vocabulary and phrasing.

In addition, the preschool, which spans age 3 to 6, offers a dual-language program, which teaches Hawaiian and English simultaneously. In comparison, Hawaiian language immersion formally introduces English in the fifth grade.

This documentation of diversity is timely and critical, because climate change threatens much of this diversity before we even know it exists. The gear Researcher Rob Whitton, wearing a rebreather, is surrounded by a school of Jacks at allowed them to reach coral reefs feet at Johnston Atoll during the recent expedition. For more information, visit kawaiahaoschool. Or, call to make an appointment for a site visit. The moderate-interest loans can be used for a variety of vehiclerelated expenses such as buying a car or car repairs.

The loan program aims to help families improve their financial situation and give them a better option. To be eligible, you must be 18 or older, meet income limits, have dependent children and either be working at least 19 hours a week or going to school to earn a posthigh degree. Services include financial literacy education — covering budgeting, shopping tips, credit card debt and savings plans — as well as setting goals and assessing transportation needs, including bus or ride-sharing options.

For more information, call or visit www. The Royal Order of Kamehameha has been recognizing the good works of individuals since For more information and photos, visit mamalahoa. The program provides funding See news briefs on page Trustees Colette Y.

Robert K. Lindsey Jr. This roundtable celebrated the special relationship and legacy of the late U. Inouye and the late U. Ted Stevens, who held one of the most admired bipartisan partnerships. Through their partnership, friendship and brotherhood they worked together to advance the interests of the 49th and 50th states for five decades, and promoted passage of initiatives for education, health and housing acts, and small business initiatives for the Native people.

The roundtable was held in the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hearing room. Don Young all attended. The Alaska Federation of Natives and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement invited a diverse group of Native Hawaiian leaders and Alaska Native leaders that ranged from business leaders, community organizations and policy advocate.

Native leaders brought forward various issues, including the appointment of Native judges, protecting important. The roundtable was followed by a reception honoring Congressman Don Young to welcome his 80th birthday. At the reception we got to mahalo Congressman Young for his friendship and work with our representatives and senators. I had the opportunity to present Congressman Young, on behalf of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, a koa flag box with a Hawaiian flag encased.

We have proven we can do good work and we are going to continue that. At the roundtables they will be able to conduct an annual briefing of policy priorities important to each Native group and to host evening receptions to foster and grow friendships among Native leaders.

Hawaiian language is one Mahalo of two official languages this month of the state. This is the opportuprogram to ensure the Trustee, nity that we trustees have program thrives.

She even squeezed in a and Kamehameha Schools. This and Sterling to tackle this important is an issue OHA has been monitor- issue. With the support and involveing for several years. Committee on Hawaiian Language org from Anahola. These dozen Immersion Education. I really enjoyed having them visit — The Ad Hoc Committee on and a chance to resume my educator Hawaiian Language Immersion role as I taught them about OHA, Education will report to the Board our mission, our work, our assets of Trustees on a quarterly basis, and the great needs of our Native through Septemberwhen the Hawaiian beneficiaries.

Although Ad Hoc Committee is scheduled to if you ask them, I think they would complete our work. As trustee and staff members Rowena come and go, it never fails Another trick is to put items Akana to amaze me about how they on the agenda in an executive both come into our institution session instead of open session, thinking that OHA began with thereby excluding the general Trustee, At-large them and they try to reinvent public from listening to the the wheel.

This has become a debilitating For a very long time now, OHA has factor for OHA trustees who want to do not been able to really function as a trust. OHA beneficiaries. Aloha Ke Akua. The kicker is, in my opinion, rowenaa oha. You should HHF for their contribution to know that I am an outspoken preserving the past. So more recent past, giving PresI guess I was swept into a cereervation Awards for books, bral state that made me want to databases and renovations of write about the importance of historic historic structures.

It and artistic expression. In exercising our assigns a high priority to preserving our ability to construct, arrange and develop history and keeping our past connected these clusters of human habitats, we have to our future. It is absolute in the belief created a wondrous time tunnel of human that, as a matter of public policy, preserv- history that stretches across the ages.

These ing our historic buildings, landscapes, historic corridors that frame the clusters artifacts and all meaningful physical of cultural landscapes, structures, objects evidence that we were here is important. Historical evidence among the noblest of human endeavors. Many of the plants are means to be Hawaiian, including food, music, on the endangered species list, and places to go, events, books, resources and others are threatened or at-risk species.

Check out PeterApo. Furthermore, many Hawaiian methodology and expertise, Native Hawaiian communities are inter- to assure responsible stewardship and ested, concerned, involved, willing and awareness of the interconnections of the able to advise government agencies, clouds, forests, valleys, land, streams, organizations and other interested groups fishponds and sea. I especially enjoyed the kani ka pila sessions.

A hui hou! Deadline to submit a one-page project summary to consulting state agencies is July Full applications must be postmarked no later than p. A more permanent form of this. For more information, contact the visitor center at or technolov hawaii.

Pacific Hall docent training Bishop Museum is accepting applications for its Pacific Hall docent-training program, which runs July 9 to Aug. Classes are held from 3 to 6 p. Tuesdays and Thursdays in Paki Conference Room 1 and cover the origins and culture of the people of the Pacific, and the migration and settlement of the Pacific Islands.

Pacific Hall will reopen in September with a new theme, newly displayed key artifacts and digital displays that showcase the connections among Pacific Island cultures. Docents provide tours of museum exhibits. Desirable qualities are enthusiasm, patience, flexibility and the ability to interact well with visitors of all ages. Japanese, Mandarin and Korean speakers are highly encouraged to apply.

Please respond within 30 days to Cathleen Dagher at Ready to get your business into the government contracting arena? As a non-profit organization funded by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Defense Logistics Agency, we provide free daily listings of federal, state, and county requests for bids. We also provide counseling to help you to navigate bid requirements and market your product or service. Register with us today: hiptac. Counseling: on Government Kapiolani Blvd. Howard also pointed out, "The obvious relationship to West African music found in the Charleston and ragtime rhythms of the U.

The relationship is so close we find identical features in different countries. Louis and Kansas City, Chicago, then eastward and westward to both coasts. The influence of their musical styles spread all over the world.

From this development came the rhythmic and melodic elements that eventually blended into bebop, a style that re-introduced the African drums. Later on, two other elements came together harmoniously, rhythm and blues. The influence of these musical styles also spread all over the world, and is absorbed along with the growth of bebop and its now sound in the music presented in this album, "Elements of Now," whereas the drums are resurrected as a melodic per- cussion instrument.

Through the drumming style created and developed by Big Black, the drums are used as a solo instrument, improving on various themes within the framework of contemporary free form expressions. This is unequaled and makes him a virtuoso of the drums. This not only comprises a significant musical development, but also showcases Big Black as a composer of recognition, having contributed all original compositions for this, his second classic album of African music.

BOB "B. With this we bid you good listening. Thank you. The selection was made by a committee representing the university and also the community as a whole. Professor Breeden accepted the citation "On behalf of every young performer who has made worthwhile contributions to the Lab Bands during our twenty-five-year history; to each of them goes our sincere appreciation for helping to make this recognition possible today!

Signed : C. Rolf Johnson Thelonious Music Corp. Ray with Jay Saunders, our great Lab Band alumnus now finishing his Master's Degree at North Texas while taking a leave from the Stan Kenton Orchestra was a member of the band at the time he wrote this swinging extended blues! BOX TEXAS San Antonio, Texas Keith Jourdan.

Chickasha, Oklahoma Leonard Candelaria. Seattle, Washington Dave Glenn. Kansas City, Missouri Mike Slusher. Richland, Washington Bass: Lou Fischer. Martinsville, Virginia Guitar: Rick Cornish. Minnetonka, Minnesota Vibes: Pete Aan. Selected by vote of the Band Roy Bray, for providing the reduced photograph of the President's Award.

Jay Saunders, for his excellent help with the final mixes of the music. Ron Snider, for assisting with aux. Mike Heathman and Henry Wolking, our outstanding ex Lab Band members, for making their original music available for our performances.

Jim Milne, for calling to our attention the outstanding creativity of Rolf Johnson, Jim's previous fellow per- former in the Norad Band in Colorado Springs. This album is dedicated to the volunteers, guests and coordinators of the Bread and Roses community in Lawrence, Ha. I was often lonely, bored, and fearful. So were the patients. One day, I brought in my guitar and started singing.

A few of the patients joined in, and soon we were filling those vacant halls with music. Singing and songleading has brought me to many community settings in recent years— schools and libraries, coffeehouses, hospitals, shelters— places where people of all ages can feel that same joy and empowerment of making music together, a music that can break down walls of loneliness and fear. Many of these songs are about standing in lonely, fearful places with people— whether loved ones or strangers— near and far.

And some invite us to stand together and celebrate our unity. I hope this record moves and transports you to good places in these times and in times to come. Pressing: Hub-Servall, Cranbury, N. Oh when And when, when did your eyes capture the dawn by surprise? And when, when will our trembling lips whisper the words of our poem? When, when will we find that all the time we have been home? Oh when, when will our hearts conquer the fear that keeps us apart?

When, when will our hands reach out for love and join in the dance? When, when if not now. When, when if not here, let go our fear, banish our woe. Some sing low and some sing higher. Some sing out loud on the telephone wire.

Some just clap their hands or paws or anything they got now. And the old cow just goes "Moo. And the old grey badger sighs. And the jaybird disagrees. Singing in the night time, singing in the day. The little duck quacks and he's on his way, The otter hasn't got much to say. And the porcupine talks to himself. It's a simple song of living sung everywhere By the ox and the fox and the grizzly bear The grumpy alligator and the hawk above: The sly old weasel and the turtledove.

This song can be heard on Bill Staines' albums. Mineral River Records. Shivering and sick from the booze I had drunk: The highway was roaring right over my head. The city of Boston had left me for dead. When along comes a woman as big as a bear. In an old overcoat with a scarf in her hair A kind voice, but tough, like she'd paid her dues: "My name is Barbara, would ya like some hot soup?

Standing there with us. Barbara Mclnnes. May the world someday remember her worth. Well, she knew Boston's streets like the back of her hand. And street folks like me knew her as their friend.

A nurse at the shelter for the homeless and poor Where most of us looked like we'd been through a war. She helped me get sober and back on my feet. She helped me get over a life of defeat.

And when I returned like a dog in the rain. She opened the door and she helped me again. Chorus Now the world likes to honor the Hollywood stars. Not the ones listening to blues in the bars. You won't see her name on some fancy stone. Good for what ails you, from goosebumps to gout. We don't call her doctor, or reverend, or Mizz.

We just call her Barbara, 'cause that's who she is. Carl Olivier. Dennis Pearne. Sandy Pliskin. Karen Rosado. Sandy Sachs. Deborah Silverstein. Dean Stevens. Jane Woodman Barbara Mclnnes has worked for many years as a nurse at Boston's Pine Street Inn fur the homeless where she started the health clinic. This song was written for Barbara's 50th birthday in November. When you write by a flickering light and you can't read the words.

When the boys say you ain't got no voice and you'll never be heard. When your dreams seem to vanish like steam and your vision is blurred. Hold on! I believe in you. When the lies of the government spies echo in your ears. When the news says you just can't refuse payin' for their fears. When the cries of the children who died fill your eyes with tears. When the tax man levies your land and he seizes your car. When the judge, seeing you won't budge. When at night in your jail cell you wail to the numberless stars.

I'm standing there with you. GU Raldiris: conga, bongos Dennis Pearne: fretless bass, lead acoustic guitar, harmony vocal Dawna Hammers-Graham: harmony- vocal Even when our vision is strong and clear, working for peace and justice can sometimes feel lonely and futile.

In the lace of our daily dose of official lies, it can be hard to hold on to the truth. Yet we see people like Nelson Mandela in South Africa and the Plowshares people in our own country continuing to keep their vigil in prison, and we know we have to keep ours. When the trees are hung with Album) And the chiluren sleep with dreams in their hair. I have have called out your name I have looked in your face l have walked at your side And felt your love And when my enemies rejoiced In their lies and the schemes that they laid.

When there was none to hear my voice And no one else would come to my aid. I have called out your name I have looked in your face I have walked at your side And felt your love And when I'm taken from this home And others claim the few things that I own. You will keep my songs and poems And the love we have shared in this home. Ben Tousley plays acoustic guitar and sings lead vocal on all songs. Then twenty years traveling taught me to live on my own.

But love never sparkled or taught me to sing 'til the day that I met you 1 had never seen such fire in another's eyes before and you called me home. I give you myself before preaching or law; Will you give me yourself? Will you come travel with me? Shall we stick by each other for as long as we live?

Our home was a haven through wars and through witch hunts, a new face every day. You'd bank the coal fire, then play the piano.

Oh God. It would make the flames leap up. Chorus We lived poor. We lived well. We faced hatred with love for half a century. We never cared much for the laws between husbands and wives. What sermon or statute could ever express all that you have meant to me? What church or state could hold all the music. This beautiful low song can be heard on Charlie's fourth album. For information on Charlie's other recordings: Charlie King. When the fire comes down With a terrible sound, in Guazapa.

The photographs were largely of women and children, victims of the U. This, the most intensive air war ever launchesi in the Western Hemisphere, goes on unabated while the U. Congress, press, and public are virtually mute. It hurts to know that these war crimes, like the murder and torture being committal by the U. And my heart says it's not too late.

It's not too late to learn what we don't know. It's not too late to choose what we will sow. It's not too late to be living. When I haw fears that the time has come and gone When 1 can stand up strong and sing the world my song.

When all alone I curse my fate. And Martin and his people marehin' to be free. And Molly Rush who hammered through the bomb's insanity'. It was about the same time Molly Kush and the Plowshares Eight wen- taking their hammers to nuclear weapons in King of Prussia. A voice arose to n-mind me of the light that shines through the darkness, a power that is greater than nuclear weapons.

How it lit my face and caught my child's eye. And how I dreamed that someday I would learn to fly And climb up to the stars as In a dream. And we pledged our young allegiance to the USA. Looking to the stars as in a dream. And my teachers said. We learned about the missiles that were steered our way.

And with little warning we could all be blown away And be lost among the stars as in a dream. And my teachers said: "Just set your mind on anything. I saw my brothers living back in Vietnam And peasant children crying in a firebomb. While fighter pilots, high above it. Were climbing to the stars as in a dream And today I am a teacher and I have two sons. And 1 try to teach my children war is not toy guns. And life is not some kind of crazy race to run.

And to climb up to the stars is just a dream. And today vve have an actor for our President Who speaks with such conviction and such sentiment Of how the race must run without impediment. Forever climbing to the stars as in a dream. We've seen their guided missiles flaring like a fuse. Foolproof in design, but with a few loose screws. They go shooting through the stars. And now they've picked a teacher who is my own age, Proud to virile her name into a history page, And she says she always knew, right from her childhood days.

She could climb up to the stars ;vs in a dream. I think this happened for many of us when the space shuttle Challenger exploded in January. It seemed the same dangerously innocent dream had led us through the space age. Vietnam Mid Star Wars to this tragedy. What have we learned, and what shall we teach our children? MA Though research has not been done, slack key may have existed on all Makee Ailana - Genoa Keawe - Hana Hou! Volume 1 (Cassette islands by this time. Recently it has risen to favor among Island youth of all races, not just among those of Hawaiian blood.

Ki ho'alu slack key is the Hawaiian version of open-chord guitar style: a standard guitar is tuned to some chord and the strings are fretted and picked with the fingers. The famous Hawaiian steel guitar style may have developed from slack key, but steel guitar Dobro is not slack key.

In Hawaiian steel guitar, the guitar is tuned to a chord, but the strings are "fretted" with a steel bar held in the left hand. This guitar style originally accompanied the mele in the old meaning of the word, a song or poem.

To the old Hawaiians, the words and meaning of a song were by far the most important part. The mel- odies were almost incidental, often traded from song to song. In the days when more people understood the language, meles were more than 15 verses long, with each verse sung and danced twice. Because of this tradition, the artists on this album wished to have half the songs with the guitar in a secondary role; the song words are primary.

Speaking technically of the style, the right-hand thumb plays the bass accompaniment while the right-hand fingers and sometimes the thumb play the melody and harmony. The chart should be thought of as my attempt to make sense of the mass of data I have; it is by no means the final word. These tunings have not all come from my informants. Some I have "invented" by com- bining bass and treble inversions from "authentic" tunings.

Some of the "invented" tunings, I've later discovered, were being played before my birth. The names are not standard, although they represent the trend among the folks I've talked to. What is "Wahine" to one may be "Mauna Loa" to the next. All tunings represent different chord inversions; that is what makes a different "key" or tuning in slack key. Please note that most musicians use only a few of these tunings, and many play most of their tunes in just one key.

The musicians on this record do not regard themselves as "pro- fessionals. Nevertheless, the tunes recorded here are mainly of professional quality, and all the songs in- cluded have a feeling of aloha — a feeling that is lacking in many of the professional recordings. Auhea oe e Sanoe Daniel's Mele No. Kaulmne was born on O'ahu, but his family comes from Lana'i. He us a true student of slack key. He uses this "key" exclusively on this album, getting the higher keys with a capo.

Occasionally he plays other tunings, but iie feels that this Mauna Loa con- tains the essence of slack key. Daniel Nicholas. He said something to the effect that he just played what he heard around. We got him in front of the microphone at the last possible minute in our schedule, and the results justify the wait. Charles Chu. Chu was born on Kaua'i but was raised partly in old Honolulu.

He worked for many years at Pearl Harbor, and is now retired. He said that when his peer group was playing guitars and 'ukuleles, he was busy getting educated and then supporting a family.

His retired life is now full of canoe racing, fishing, and playing standard Spanish guitar in the Hawaiian group. He was kind enough to record his memories of pre guitar styles for us. Apoliona is from Honolulu. She has played a variety of mu- sical styles and worked briefly in a folk-pop trio. She said she always found herself returning to her roots in Hawaiian music. This is a love song to a person named Sanoe.

The authors were Queen Lili'uokalani and Kepeka. The song can also be heard by The Sons of Hawai'i on Hula H; the words and translation are on the liner notes. Also on H is an excellent version of He'eia with vocal and slack key by Gabby Pahinui. Daniel's Mele No. This is Daniel's version of a slack key instrumental that many play but no one seems to have a name for. The music and lyrics are by Malia Craver. It is a Hawaiian tradition for grandparents to write a mele name song for their first grandchild.

Craver works within this tradition in the 's. As this record goes to press, Ka-wai-puna for short is four years old. E Ka-wai-puna-o-Ha'ao. E maliu mai 'oe i neia leo. He aloha keia na ke kupuna, I ka lei makamae pili i ka poli. He nohea mau 'oe i ka 'ikena. He lei 'a'i i aloha 'ia. He hiapo i hi'i noi 'ia. I na kau a kau a mau loa. Ua waele mua 'oe i ke ala, I hiki mai i keia ao nani, E malama mau 'ia ai 'oe, Me ke aloha poina 'ole.

He pua lei 'oe i 'i'ini nui 'ia. E ka lei nani o ke kamakahi, Ua pulama 'ia 'oe me ke ahonui, I ke alo o ke kupuna. O Ka-wai-puna-o-Ha'ao, O listen to these voices. Expressions of love from your grandparents For the precious child held in our arms. Handsome are you in our sight, A beloved child who is always loved, A first-born held with affection, Every season and forever more.

You are first to walk the path, Into this beautiful world you came, Eternally you will be cared for. With an unforgetting love. You are cherished and desired always. O beautiful one of our only child, Always cared for with much patience. In the presence of the grandparents.

Here I'll mention your beloved name, A name of love, my darling, Answer, my dear, to this song, O Ka-wai-puna-o-Ha'ao. This song is full of double entendre: the singer has discovered his or her lover is at home in many different harbors. The Hawaiian words can be found in the liner notes for Hula H The singer there is Boyce Rodrigues. Lyrics are by Malia Craver; music by Lolena. This is a name-song for Lolena's boy. He is called "Dukie" for short and Is now seven years old.

Ke aloha mae 'ole o ku'u pu'uwai. He makana 'oe, mai ka lani, Ka makua mau loa, o kakou nei. Hi'ipoi 'ia 'oe i ka poli. He wehi mau 'oe na ka makua. Ua haku 'ia 'oe, e na anela, I wahl lei ho'owehi 'oe na makou. Puana kou inoa, i lohe 'ia, E Ku'u-aloha-o-ka-'ainu-malihini. Listen, O you, O my beloved child. The fadeless love of my heart. You are a gift from heaven, From our everlasting Father above. You are cherished in our bosoms, An adornment forever of the parents. You have been woven by the angels, O precious child of adornment for us.

This is a praise of your name; may all hear, O my Beloved of the Strange Land. This was recorded at a party at Malia Graver's house and not originally intended for release.

The microphone was aimed at "Ma," but also present are Stephen and Haunani on slack key and Luka and Wayne on 'ukuleles. The author was Val Keptllno. The words and translation caii be found on Genoa Keawe GK- He honi li'ili'i o ke ao. Morning at Mo'orea Is a sparkle in a turquoise sea. The fragrance of my tiare lei.

Is a little kiss in the morning. Ku mai la Mou'a Roa hie hie. He lani keha i ke ao 'opua, O ka lehua makali'i kou wehi, He papahi l na pali kunihi. The gentle rippling of the sea Is warm to my skin.

The floating mirror of the sea is my companion. A lei of hau flowers drifting ashore! There stands Mou'a Roa, So majestic in a sky of soft clouds, Tiny lehua blossoms make up your adornment. Ornamenting the steep cliffs. Eia ka puana Mo'orea, Morning i ke kai ninamu, O ke 'ala o ku'u lei tiare, He honi li'ili'i o ke ao. Here is my praise to Mo'orea, Morning in a turquoise sea. This is another slack key piece that may owe something to the old song, Pa'ahana. Wayne hails from Ewa Beach.

He sines an old love song by Charles Namahoe. Ho'i mai no kaua, la'e pili. Kou aloha ka'u a'e, hi'ipoi nei, Haku'iku'i 'eha, i ku'u mana'o.

Ha'ina 'ia mai, ana ka puana, Ho'i mai no kaua, la'e pili. Where are you, my beautiful lei? Let us come to be together. Your love is mine, to cherish. A continual presence in my thoughts. Pleasant the meeting, unforgettable. I give you my lei. The story is told. This version is made of pieces spliced together from an interview.

The song is a very old waltz by Edward Pu'ukea that is placed on the island of Maui. The chorus and two different verses are found in the page booklet, Na Mele o Hawai'i NetElbert and Mahoe, with words to a great many standard Hawaiian language songs.

The translations included are not meant to be sung, but to tell the meaning. The booklet also offers an excellent summary of Hawaiian poetic style. Haunani's verse on this record is common among younger singers today. E aloha e ana wau la. I love. Windblown fragrance of the heart, Merry is the water of this flower. The com- poser, Lot Kauwe. Kauwe passed away some years ago. Many are part of the mainstream of Hawaiian music, while more are still being sung by his 'ohana family and friends in Ho'okena.

South Kona. Sanoe 10 July 75— 3'45" : This is another recording of the song that opens the album, done eight days later by the same personnel. We couldn't decide which one to use.

You decide. There are records by Gabby Pahinui. Sonny Chillingworth, The Sunday Manoa. Keola Beamer, and the Hui 'Ohana, all of which feature slack key to some extent. Part of the liner notes for this particular record were condensed from an article to be published at some unknown date in Sing Out! NY Even further in the future is the publication of my own booklet with tunings ex- plained and with sourcestablature, speculations, and a few interviews.

If you have questions or any information to contribute, please write me at the address below. This record was recorded and produced by Mike McClellan. Nui na hoaloha jfcokoa ' keia pa ho'okani. Mahalo la 'oukou apau. Ma mua o ke kokua o ka N. Ua la'a keia pa ho'okani ia laua. It is thought that it was introduced into China from Tibet during the Chou Dynasty.

The stem of the instrument is fashioned of teakwood and the sound- ing box is of bamboo covered with snakeskin. The bridge is also of bamboo, and the strings are gen- erally made of twisted silk. The bowstrings, when played, fit between the strings of the instrument, and the bow is so held that the artist can control the strings with his fingers. Old, valuable charac- teristics remain preserved, while thoughtful, un- precedented reform has been initiated.

Lui takes the lead in this evolution. A native of Chungshan Album) from which also came Dr. Sun Yatsen of Kwantung Province, he is expert in musical rule, composition and song. As a young man he performed solo in Shanghai, Nan- king. Peiping, Tientsin, Hankow, Canton and other cities, where he startled audiences with his vir- tuosity. He is expert both in playing the Chinese Butterfly Harp and the Erh-hu; he reformed the Erh-hu by combining one steel string with one of thread or silk, thus placing it nearer to the violin sound.

Lui has earned a distinguished follow- ing in China and has become known as the King of the Erh-hu. An ancient piece played solo with an Erh-hu of two strings of steel. The music depicts birds returning to the forest in the evening. Some birds occupy the nest of others, who, on returning, find the invaders in their homes.

Serious battles are fought Palace of the Ilan Dynasty under autumn moon- light. An ancient piece of music describing the elegant life at the Palace.

This ancient piece is played by a large group led by Mr. The music describes the triumph of a marshal on the battle- field.


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