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One Second To Get Fucked Up - Various - The Second Album: The First Of Its Kind (Lathe Cut, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download One Second To Get Fucked Up - Various - The Second Album: The First Of Its Kind (Lathe Cut, Album)

Would you like to read them? It was a mob mentality. They set their rifle sights on me. Narrow visions of autonomy. You want me to surrender my identity? I was a teenage anarchist. It, it was kind of comical. One of the things I've really always liked most about punk rock and punk bands that, that are self critical and will like be critical of the punk scene in particular.

Um, I don't know if you ever got into Chumbawamba. They had a song called Give the Anarchist a Cigarette. They're anarchists, but they're being very critical of the anarchist punk scene. And I always loved it when punk bands did that, One Second To Get Fucked Up - Various - The Second Album: The First Of Its Kind (Lathe Cut, or even with, like, Crass being really critical of The Clash, or like The Clash being really critical of The Sex Pistols, you know?

I just, I liked that about punk bands when they do- would do that with other punk bands. So like, this song had an element of that and with that present in the air, okay, well by saying this, like any of like the punk fans that we had first starting out are going to see this Album) such a fuck you, that there's just no turning back, and, and going back to our roots in a way after the song.

Laura: Well, the song was written in some point in Laura: I was in Florida. We wrote most of the record in Florida and then wrote a couple songs out here in LA when we came out for pre-production. The other reason I chose this song specifically is because it's, it's, it's a shining example of why sometimes too many cooks in the kitchen is actually a good thing and it's- of any song that I have, it's the most collaborative I've been. And like if you let too many people come in and have their opinion and, like, give their voices on how it should change, it's going to ruin it.

You're going to lose it and the song's going to be gone. Laura: No. Well to some extent I'm really open minded when it comes One Second To Get Fucked Up - Various - The Second Album: The First Of Its Kind (Lathe Cut to it. I do take outside criticism, I have a thick skin. Like someone can be like, that sucks and I'll work to change it. Laura: Right, right.

Well, and that's like the- I think that with punk rock and with, with myself in particular, a lot of times that's just defensive. If I would've just like stood up for myself. Shirley: You really knew who you were as an artist at this point. Is that fair to say? Because it was your second major label album.

Shirley: Well, hold on one second! Right hold on, well that's good to know. But you had done what, two or three independent records? Three albums? Laura: Before we signed to Warner, and then New Wave was our major label debut and then White Crosses was the, the second record where we already knew we're fucked. You know, like our first record did not go gold.

It sold- like for us, it was a success. You know, we sold likerecords. Laura: Sure, and I knew in reality too, like the second record's fucked, no matter what we do, we're just fucked, you know like.

But if it doesn't hit, like within the first week, you're just screwed. And you know, like in reality, it's not going to hit in the first week because like, that's just like one in a million shot, you know?

Shirley: And did- so do you think that may have impacted your, your approach to the production of this record? Laura: No, w- at the time, um, we were being sued by a former manager and I was like, desperate. I know we're fucked. I know it's not going to be a hit. We've like- you know, I know the realities of the situation we are in but I am swinging for the fences. I'm going to try everything, I'm going to listen to everyone's input and I'm going to just approach it as diplomatically as possible and try.

Shirley: When you said that you felt like you were having an identity crisis, was this as a result of this, like, case that you were having against your former manager or? Laura: A little bit of that? A little bit of just like the age we were at, you know like I was 29 years old, about to turn 30, so there's the cliche of like, Oh my God, my twenties are ending.

I'm turning I'm about to have a kid literally about to having- have a kid, like my daughter Evelyn was born a week after we finished this record. Laura: So it was like working down to the wire, but coming out of the punk scene, like we've alienated ourselves from this punk scene that we grew up in. You can't turn back, moving away from Gainesville, Florida, moving to LA. Like I, you know, I arrived here in LA and I just like, I didn't know who I was and that, that was the hardest thing I had living in LA was like, I'm a huge believer in this, the psychic subconscious, you know, and for me writing, I'm very much um, location oriented.

I have to know who I am in a place and be able to know how I reflect off other people or off my environment. And LA has so much to it and there's so many other creatives going on that I just couldn't grab anything. I didn't know who I was here.

And like in a psychic subconscious way, like I couldn't find the frequencies of where to tune into to, just like, to run with it.

So LA was crushing me, I was like so scared of everything that was happening in my personal life. Like the band life was obviously so much stress with, like, all these, with a lawsuit, with the major label reality, with just like inner band tensions. Album) got arrested for an incident in Tallahassee where I got into an altercation in the cafe because someone was calling me a sellout and I overreacted. Um, I had court charges hanging over me for like most of the period of time that we were touring on New Wave.

Um, we fell apart as a band while touring on New Wave, had a new drummer. Who are we now? We were going from intowhich doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it does like I tune into stuff like that. I'm a strong believer in the idea that you know, you have a good song if it can be stripped down to just you and acoustic guitar.

You can add anything else to it after the fact, a full fucking orchestra, doesn't matter, but as long as it works on an acoustic guitar, you have a solid structure. Shirley: Yeah. What influences are on, I Was a Teenage Anarchist? That you, if any. I mean, are there, are there artists that you reference or is it just purely you? You know, although it was, I should say it was number one at commercial radio in Canada.

So, thank you, Canada. Shirley: Now with the advantage of hindsight, we know where this story goes, but back then when you were making this record, and I think, uh, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the fact that you were also going through a lot of questions about your gender. Laura: Sure. Yeah, and, and this- living in LA at that period of time, like was- I was so low, you know, like just lowest of low in my dysphoria, in not knowing what to do, especially with a kid coming and just.

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I have that. Lauryn Hill is one of those for me. Her voice is like a Xanax for me. Yes, absolutely. I wanted to be a social worker; I very much believe in therapy. My live show has sort of become over the years like group therapy. Why put trauma in your album title? The song is one thing and the reason why I named the album after it is a whole other.

Jack [Antonoff] and I got together, and he is a loveable human being, and we were just sort of trading funny relationship stories. You know, long-term relationships are a lot of work. I went through that as a kid; Carey did many times. I like to fight for things I believe in. Life is fucking traumatic. Like, my dad just beat cancer. Chemo was traumatic. Having Album) dad dying of cancer is traumatic. Turning on the news is traumatic.

Mother Nature is fucking traumatic. But at the same time, there are so many rad, good people in the world. Were you writing the album while your dad fought cancer? I think back to the song he wrote about the Vietnam War that you performed together years ago.

What is your relationship with him like now? It has been all over the place in my life, both my parents. But my dad is a solid dude and he loves me. I love that song. I read he voted for Trump, which seems so out of step with the daughter he raised. I said the same thing. I appreciate that sentiment. He has a magic flashlight [ laughs ]. The music business has changed a lot over the course of your career.

Why bother? Early on, they gave up on me. They wanted me to take etiquette classes. Women are speaking up and supporting each other, too. Luke even five years ago, had it not been for Kesha? People give me shit.

I never backed down. I always say it, the difference is I just get in a little less shit. And I have a vagina. But I never back down. I just have to listen less to the comments. So in some ways, we do move forward together and this new feminist movement is freaking awesome. Having such long, stable careers has afforded both you and Kelly Clarkson the space to be able to denounce someone like Dr.


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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Lathe Cut release of The Second Album: The First Of Its Kind on Discogs/5(7).
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    internetpyramid Beyond the beautiful album art, one will find a compilation that's more exactly defined by a floating sensorial experience. Of course, no-one expected a 2-minute album full of (Over !) one-second tracks made by a wide variety of artists to be coherent, but far more than a gimmick, this idea makes for a beautifully erratic and memorable "track", as the drastic tone shifts and.
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    This release compiles the 17 tracker first IOFilth lp ¨Onward Christian Soldiers ¨with a slew of 7¨s and a cassette. Lyrics are great anarcho-pacifist but the music is very basic and failed to give me the rush I usually look for on this kind of record. The non-lp songs are way better than the lp ones and have better sound, esp the guitarwork/5(12).
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    Mar 12,  · This album was my most anticipated of the year and for not one second did it disappoint me. It is a very personal album for me and every time I listen to it I have to listen to it all the way.
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    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Showbiz_Kid!!! can only confirm this with this first additional picture and this second one, sebfact! it appears stamped 2 times (at 1 and 7 o’clock) on the b-side only of the same release. it’s backward, as well. also, it looks like embossed, as per erosion on my .
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    Precisely one second into its first song proper – after eight super-quick-drumbeats, Gretta Cohn’s cello and dual guitars collide to optimum effect. It’s the kind of superbly realised, aggressively melodic and perfectly searing riff that instantly emblazons itself upon the listener’s memory, and in some intangible way indicates the.
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    He shifted uneasily, turning towards her. “What if I fuck up and get one of us killed? I do it all the time. What if it’s you, or her, or anyone more useful than me?” “Lou-” “No, I’m serious. Vi, you’re the only one left that can keep us together. If something happened to you, the school would fall apart in a week tops.
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    I was then surprised to see it has a whole unnused second part that manages to carry the same emotion as the leitmotif bit. The Master Tape - This one got the opposite treatment to "Previously". It appears extremelt briefly in The Sound of Drums and was only shown after being sneaked out to pad out the album. And what a shame it wasn't used.

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